Content Marketing Is Dead: 2022 Is All About Storytelling

In this context, you can reasonably assume that this video has touched upon a trending topic and is rising in the search rankings. For instance, if one of your videos got 500 views, you wouldn’t know if that was good or bad if you didn’t have other videos to compare it to. Keyword rankings can help you determine which content you need to work on to solidify your rankings or launch new pages to outrank the competitors for the keywords they began to go after.
Reposting some of your best work can help revive interest in it and bring in more views. This can be especially helpful if your audience or client base has grown a lot since you initially posted the content, since newer readers or viewers may not have seen it before. Incorporate structured data code to improve the way your content appears in search engine results.
You could also create a list-style infographic to guide readers through the steps. Even if you explain a topic in detail in your blog post, for example, a visual like this can instantly catch the reader’s eye and make it easier for them to scan your article for related information. The example above shows one of their blog posts on remote work.
But consumers cannot reach or engage with you if you do not make points of contact available to them. So by providing users with more available touchpoints, you effectively enhance customer experience and make it easier to interact with you. In Content Marketing , give your readers something of value, a memorable piece that they will always refer to in the future. We call such material “evergreen content.” Marketers are using it to attract new readers, would-be customers, and convert visitors to leads and paying customers.
Here’s an example of a landing page that allows users to download gated content. B2C brands primarily create munchable content aimed at engaging and entertaining their audience. The intention is to build strong brand recall and an emotional bond that enables the audience to relate to the brand. Besides its excellent and in-depth blog content, Ahrefs has published numerous guides and has a buzzing YouTube channel with detailed product tutorials and informational content. This stage of the funnel emphasizes the relationship between your audience’s goals and your product. It provides your audience with a glimpse of what your product can do without being overly promotional.